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  • Professional Brushes

    Wooster offers a full line of professional brushes available in sash, trim and wall sizes. Made to exacting standards in the USA since 1851. If a professional want's it, Wooster has it.
  • DIY Brushes

    High quality brushes for the DIY'er or handyman. With over 155 years of experience, Wooster has the brush to fit your job.
  • Wooster Minirollers & Trimmers

    Wooster's minirollers and trimmers are designed with the same exacting standards as their larger counterparts. These are great for tight spaces, doors, cabinets, furniture, trim or any area a lightweight roller is required.
  • Wooster Painting Equipment

    With over 155 years of experience of on the job performance, Wooster's painting equipment is the standard for the professional painter.
  • Trays, Buckets & Prep Tools

    A full line of Trays, Buckets and Prep Tools designed to make your painting job easier and organized. Made of high quality matierals the professional demands.
  • Wooster Artist Brushes

    A full line of Quality Artitst brushes designed to exacting standards with the artist in mind.
  • Wooster Shortcut

    Every Wooster Shortcut pairs a full-size brush head with a compact Shergrip® handle (the largest measuring 4¼-inches). The patented design is less likely to bump into other walls and surfaces, making Shortcut the perfect choice for tight spaces. Detailed painting is easier along the wall-to-ceiling line, window frames, cupboards, furniture, and more.