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Wooster Paint Brushes, Rollers and Tools

Professional, high capacity roller covers are the professional's choice. They provide excellent pick up and release for all types of coatings. Made in the USA since 1851.
  • Professional Brushes

    Wooster offers a full line of professional brushes available in sash, trim and wall sizes. Made to exacting standards in the USA since 1851. If a professional want's it, Wooster has it.
  • DIY Brushes

    High quality brushes for the DIY'er or handyman. With over 155 years of experience, Wooster has the brush to fit your job.
  • Wooster Minirollers & Trimmers

    Wooster's minirollers and trimmers are designed with the same exacting standards as their larger counterparts. These are great for tight spaces, doors, cabinets, furniture, trim or any area a lightweight roller is required.
  • Wooster Painting Equipment

    With over 155 years of experience of on the job performance, Wooster's painting equipment is the standard for the professional painter.
  • Trays, Buckets & Prep Tools

    A full line of Trays, Buckets and Prep Tools designed to make your painting job easier and organized. Made of high quality matierals the professional demands.
  • Wooster Artist Brushes

    A full line of Quality Artitst brushes designed to exacting standards with the artist in mind.
  • Wooster Shortcut

    Every Wooster Shortcut pairs a full-size brush head with a compact Shergrip® handle (the largest measuring 4¼-inches). The patented design is less likely to bump into other walls and surfaces, making Shortcut the perfect choice for tight spaces. Detailed painting is easier along the wall-to-ceiling line, window frames, cupboards, furniture, and more.