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Have you ever stained a deck or a fence only to find that whatever kind of color you used didnít hold up to the elements? Some people have actually ended up staining their wooden fences and posts every few months. You can put a stop to this madness with high-quality Wolman deck and fence stains.
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Page of 1 has made sure to stock all different kinds of stain products, as well as sealers and repellents that can ensure that moisture and other outdoor problems donít assault your finished job.

Wolman Stains & Deck Sealants

Check out all of these products the next time you start a big project. They could potentially save you a ton of time and help to reduce the risk that youíll ever have to do things over again a second time.

F&P Finish and Preservative

Wolmanís special F&P finish can beautify both new and weathered wood. Most importantly, though, this product can reduce the risk of rot and decay by cutting back on how much mold and mildew can grow on a surface. It can also help to prevent premature graying caused by exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. Itís offered in a transparent wood-toned color, which should help to highlight the original grain and texture of whatever underlying material youíre working with.

Wolman DeckBrite Cleaner & Coating Prep

This special powder concentrate can help to clean and restore decks while leaving new wood surfaces prepared for sealing and staining. Itís activated by oxygen and offers a safe formula that doesnít damage wood lignin. This means you wonít have to worry about hurting nearby plant life. It wonít leave a bleached-out look either. A single pound pouch makes enough solution to cover around 375 sq. ft. while a three-pound jar can cover upwards of 1,125 sq. ft. of the raw surface.

Wolman Deck & Fence Brightener

A single gallon of this solution makes enough concentrate to cover 750 sq. ft. of deck or fence material, which means youíll be able to protect almost any weathered exterior or other problem wood surfaces. It can remove stubborn tannin stains from new wood as well. In this capacity, it works well on cedar and redwood as well as a number of unusual and exotic hardwoods that are quickly becoming attractive to exterior designers.

Wolman DeckStrip Acrylic Stain Remover

Acrylic stain tends to be notoriously difficult to deal with. Itís supposed to stay on for a long period of time, thus it can be hard to strip away. This compound from Wolman makes it easy to do so without having to resort to hours of scraping that could potentially damage the underlying material. Once youíre done with the process, youíll be ready to stain or coat with a new covering. Youíll never know the difference and the DeckStrip compound simply washes away, saving you from having to undergo a complicated cleaning process.

Finding High-quality Wolman Stains & Treatments

Since has made sure to list plenty of high-end Wolman products, we invite you to contact us today and let us know what kinds of stains or treatments you need to finish your next project.