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Wolman DeckBrite
Wolman DeckBrite

Use Wolman DeckBrite™ Wood Cleaner & Coating Prep (Powder Concentrate) to clean and restore decks and other weathered exterior wood, or to prepare new wood surfaces before sealing or staining. Its oxygen-activated, safe-to-use formula will not harm plant life, damage wood lignin or leave a bleached-out look.
1 lb. Pouch – makes 2.5 gals. solution; covers 375 sq. ft.
3 lb Jar – makes 7.5 gals. solution; covers 1,125 sq. ft.

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16001-BOX Wolman DeckBrite 1lb - (Box of 6)
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16003-1 Wolman DeckBrite 3lb
16003-BOX Wolman DeckBrite 3lb - (Box of 6)
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    Safest, “greenest” product for cleaning outdoor wood - non-toxic, non-acidic, chlorine-free!
    Restores UV-grayed, dirty, mildew-stained wood surface to a bright, like-new appearance.
    Fast-acting foaming action works in 10 minutes!
    Chlorine-free DeckBrite is ideal for removing fungi stains from weathered wood composite lumber – it cleans and brightens without bleaching.

Extended Information:
Use to prepare or restore outdoor wood decks, porches, fences,
siding, shakes & shingles, outdoor furniture & décor, boat docks,
boardwalks, gazebos & arbors, play sets and more.

Removes the Following Coating Barriers from weathered wood:
Ground-In Dirt, Mildew, Mold & Algae Stains, Weathered Gray Surface,
Old Sealers & Clear Finishes

Use on all types of pressure-treated lumber,
plastic and wood composite materials, North American
hardwoods such as Poplar and Hickory, and weathered Cedar
and Redwood. (For new Cedar, Redwood or exotic hardwoods,
use Wolman Deck & Fence Brightener Liquid Concentrate).

Note:  New generation (non-CCA) pressure-treated lumber,
when initially installed may develop pronounced mildew growth
during the first few months of weathering.

To reduce or avoid mildew staining allow wood to weather for
1 to 3 months before applying a protective coating. To
immediately protect against water damage, prep the
surface with DeckBrite and pre-treat with Wolman RainCoat®
Clear Water Repellent–Oil-Base. Allow
6 months before applying a protective coating.


Mix ¾ cup powder per one (1) gallon lukewarm
tap water. Solution will foam and appear bright blue. Stir occasionally
and wait for approximately 5 minutes for powder to dissolve.
If using cold water, a few more minutes may be necessary.
When blue color disappears, powder is completely
dissolved, and DeckBrite solution is ready to apply. Use
within 6 hours of mixing. Do not mix with any other products.
Make sure entire wood surface is dry and free of dust, dirt and
debris. If the surface is hot to the touch or indirect sunlight,
dampen with fresh water to cool. Apply when outside temperatures
are above 40°F.

Pre-wet surface with fresh water.  Working on 20 sq. ft. at a time
to maintain optimum surface wetness, apply solution and let sit
and foam for 10 minutes.  If solution dries prematurely, keep it wet
with additional solution as needed. On horizontal surfaces:
Apply solution with a pump sprayer, airless sprayer,brush, mop or roller.
On vertical surfaces: Apply solution with a pump sprayer or deep-nap
roller, working from the bottom to the top of the structure.

Coverage Rate – Depending on wood age and species, surface
porosity, method of application, one (1) gallon of solution covers
approximately 150 sq. ft.

Brush or Pressure Wash:

Brush: Briefly scrub surface with Wolman WOODWORX® Deck
Brush or other stiff, short-bristle brush, using moderate pressure
when brushing.

Pressure wash:  Use a 40° tip and 1,500-2,500 PSI for pressure
-treated wood and hardwood, 500-1,000 PSI for Cedar and
Redwood. Move lengthwise with boards to avoid cut marks
across grain.  Either technique helps ensure old surface is entirely

Rinse:  If pressure washing is not employed, after brushing, rinse
thoroughly with a garden hose, using the highest pressure nozzle
setting available. On a vertical surface, continually rinse
brightened areas to avoid streaking. Rinse any wood
fibers off surrounding surfaces immediately. When dry,
wood surface should appear clean, bright and free of mildew
and algae stains.

Recommended Number of Coats – Apply one (1) coat,
and allow to sit and foam for entire recommended time of 10 minutes.
Heavily weathered, extremely dirty or badly stained areas may
require a second application.

Bare wood and/or coated surfaces can become slippery when wet.
Use caution when walking on wet surfaces.

Clean Up:
Clean tools and equipment after use with water.  Wolman DeckBrite,
in diluted form, is virtually non-irritating to skin and eyes, and contains no acids or
chlorine bleach.  While the diluted solution will not harm plant life, rinse with
water after exposure to remove dried residue.  Do not store prepared
solution in airtight containers to avoid excess pressure buildup.Do not mix
or use with products containing chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite).

Store unused concentrate in the closed, original labeled container.

DANGER! Powder is severely irritating to eyes. Contains sodium
percharbonate. Prevent contact with eyes and prolonged
contact with skin. Use eye protection when handling powder or
severe eye injury may result. Harmful if swallowed.  Store unused
powder in original container and away from combustible materials.


This product will clean but not remove oil or latex stains and paints
which are in sound condition. This product is harmless to most plant life as
well as plastic, glass, Plexiglas, brick, aluminum and vinyl siding, metal, concrete
and caulked surfaces. Rinse plants an d surrounding surfaces
with water after exposure. Once dry, surfaces cleaned with
this product may be coated with oil or water-base water repellants,
transparent finishes, colored stains or paints.

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