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Wagner’s new, innovative line of Power Painters with Optimus dual tip technology. These breakthrough sprayers deliver professional results through a dramatically improved spray pattern, greater precision and control, more even coverage, and less overspray than ever before. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference now between the Wagner Optimus Power Painter spray pattern and the spray patterns of professional sprayers costing much, much more.

Optimus technology uses dual tungsten carbide spray tips. These tips are precision cut using the same materials and production processes used to produce spray tips for Wagner’s professional and industrial Optimus Technology application equipment. While more expensive than traditional ceramic tips, tungsten carbide tips are very durable and help deliver superior and more consistent results.
Another important fact is that all Wagner Optimus Power Painters are driven by linear motor technology. While some other sprayers in the market use rotary motor technology, common in power tools, Wagner’s linear motors are optimized to deliver the highest pressure and greatest velocity at the spray tips, ultimately yielding superior results in less time. In addition, when you remove your finger from the trigger on a rotary motor sprayer, the motor slows down, and the corresponding pressure drop and loss of velocity very often results in excess streams of material hitting the target surface. This excess material can cause runs, drips and/or sags on the sprayed surface that will require touch-up or even sanding and re-painting. Another issue with rotary motor paint sprayers is that they tend to spray with less power and flow than linear motor models. This all translates into slower, less effective results on your important painting projects. So make the right choice – Wagner Power Painters with Optimus dual tip technology!