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Taylor MS-Plus® Advance™ Wood Flooring Adhesive MSPLUS

Taylor MS-Plus® Advance™ Wood Flooring Adhesive
Taylor MS-Plus® Advance™ Wood Flooring Adhesive

Taylor Meta-tec® MS-Plus® Advance™ Wood Flooring Adhesive with Meta-tec® technology, is a one component 100% solids, cross linking, MS polymer-based adhesive formulated for the interior installation of wood block parquet, engineered wood plank, acrylic impregnated plank, bamboo and pre-finished and unfinished solid wood flooring. Taylor Meta-tec® MS-Plus® Advance™ also has good concrete moisture inhibition capability as well as good sound reduction properties that meet the IIC and STC building code requirements. Concrete floors over one year old with high moisture readings are usually indicative of a chronic underlying moisture source problem which must be determined prior to the wood flooring installation. MS-Plus® Advance® is a solvent free and isocyanate free, has negligible VOC content, contains no hazardous chemicals as per OSHA Regulation CFR 1910.1200 and is a nonflammable, low odor adhesive that meets all federal, state, and local governmental indoor air quality regulations. This specially formulated adhesive has good early strength buildup for immediate grab and quickly builds into a tenacious but elastic resilient bond as the adhesive cross-links.

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MSPLUS-4 Taylor MS-Plus® Advance™ Wood Flooring Adhesive
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Extended Information:
Substrate must be sound, smooth, level, clean and dry. It must be free of dust, dirt, wax, loose paint, all
curing compounds or fire retardant chemicals, fungicides, release agents, sealers, or any other foreign
substances that might interfere with a good bond. Substrate must be level to 3/16"in a 10 ft span (5 mm in a 3m span) Note: When installing thin gauged wood (solid or engineered) irregular substrates may telegraph through as adhesive pulls wood down during curing stages. Therefore substrates must be properly leveled to prevent telegraphing. Fill all cracks, holes and low spots with polymer modified cementitious compound and allow to fully cure before applying adhesive. High spots must be ground level. Substrate, adhesive and wood flooring must be acclimated in an enclosed building with the HVAC operational and running for at least 72 hours before, during and after the installation. The installation temperature and relative humidity must be controlled between 60°F (15°C) and 85°F (30°C), and between 30% and 65% relative humidity, subject to the floor manufacturer’s requirements. Open time will vary with temperature and humidity or porosity of the substrate.
NOTE: Wood flooring must be exposed to the air when being acclimated. However, follow the wood flooring manufacturer’s guidelines regarding site conditions and installation.

1. Follow wood flooring manufacturer’s guidelines for layout, design and any special precautions for
2. Spread adhesive using recommended trowel (see trowel recommendation chart). Install wood flooring
immediately after adhesive is spread. Working time is approximately 50-70 minutes under acceptable
temperature & humidity conditions. Adhesive must transfer 100% to the wood floor. NOTE: Thin-gauged
solid & engineered wood and exotic species are very sensitive to job site conditions. Wood flooring
manufacturers and TAYLOR written pre-installation and installation instructions, including acclimation of
the wood flooring, must be strictly followed or the TAYLOR warranty will be void.
3. Lay wood flooring into adhesive. Wood may slip and move at first so be sure to secure the initial row to
limit movement and hold patterns. Occasionally lift a piece of wood to assure adhesive is achieving 100% transfer. If proper transfer is not achieved remove dried adhesive and apply more using recommended trowel. The use of tape to temporarily hold the edges together may be necessary until installation is complete.
4. When installing near a solid object or wall, leave ample room for expansion (see flooring manufacturer’s recommended expansion guidelines). Installing wood too tight against a stationary object will not allow room for normal wood expansion, which may cause a failure. When the installation is complete, use wedges or some object to hold wood in place while adhesive dries. Remove wedges after initial setting of adhesive (approximately 2 hours) to allow for normal expansion of wood. Failure to remove wedges can cause the wood flooring to buckle and pop off the substrate.
5. Roll and cross roll floor with a 100-150 lbs (45-70 kg) roller at the end of the installation to ensure proper transfer of adhesive.
6. When installing unfinished wood flooring, wait a minimum of 72 hours before sanding.
7. When installing over radiant heated subfloors, turn the heat off for 24 hours before, during and 24 hours after installation. Failure to turn the heat off may result in shortened working time of the adhesive. Floor temperature must not exceed 85°F (30°C).
8. Restrict light traffic for a minimum of 16 hours. Restrict heavy traffic for a minimum of 24 hours after
installation is complete.
9. While this adhesive is freeze-thaw stable it is necessary to protect it from freezing.
10. Call Taylor Technical 1-800-868-4583 ext. 221 for installation instructions on wood over 5 inches wide
or 6 feet long.
VOCs: Less than 0.50 grams per liter.
Appearance: Off white, smooth, easy-to-spread mastic.
Working time: Approximately 60 minutes, depending on job site conditions.
Shelf life: One year in unopened container at 70° F (21.10°C).
Other features: Waterproof when cured, non-flammable. Freeze/thaw stable to 10°F (-12.22°C).
Clean Up: Clean up with Taylor Touchdown #9 Adhesive Remover/Stripper.

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