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Spray Paint

Did you know that with a steady hand a can of spray paint can produce nearly the same professional-looking results as many types of mechanical paint sprayers? You can use specialty paints to transform everything from metal to wicker into something glamorous.

  • Hammerite

    HAMMERITE Rust Cap products such as Sprays, and Self Priming-Paints  
    provide long-lasting metal protection along with a decorative finish.  
    Excellent rust protection.
  • Krylon

    Krylon has a complete line of high quality, superior products for a    
    wide range of projects. Krylon engineers their products to dry quickly  
    and  provide the perfect finish.
  • Majic

    Majic paints offer both a Rust Kill line that offers a rust-inhibiting
    pigment and a Diamond hard line that offers a durable finish that will
    last for years.
  • Rustoleum

    Rust-Oleum is a worldwide leader in protective paints and coatings for  
     both home and industry. Rust-Oleum offers a wide product range    
    including rust-fighting coatings, decorative fashion paints, durable    
    industrial roof repair coatings and a variety of spray paints and    
  • Seymour

    Seymour, manufacturer of quality spray paints. Traffic striping paints,
     Athletic field marking paints, Cold galvanizing primer, Temporary  
    marking paint, Ceiling tile paint, and Inverted tip paints.
  • Derusto

    Derusto spray paints are a general purpose spray paint that provide a durable finish that resists runs, drips, and fading.
  • Primer Spray

    We offer various spray primers designed to cover stains, allowing your finishing paint to adhere better and provide truer color.
  • Stain & Varnish Spray

    Give a deep rich appearance to wood surfaces in a convenient spray can which means no brush marks.

At, we’ve made sure to put together a great collection of different types of canned spray paints so you can find everything you need to finish off your next big project.

Spray Paints for Consumer & Commercial Projects

No matter whether you need paint to makeover some deck furniture or whether you’re planning a massive reconstruction project for work, we have what you need. Check out some of these following products.

Krylon Spray Paint

Whether you’d prefer to use all-in-one products that bond to plastic and furniture materials or a multi-purpose aerosol, Krylon has it all. The brand has become so synonymous with consumer-grade spray paint products that many people use its name as a verb to describe spray painting something. Since it’s been on the market for such a long time, Krylon has had the time to develop countless different shades so you’ll always be able to get even the rarest color if necessary.

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

By adding a small amount of oil into the paint, Rust-Oleum provides a finish that reduces the risk of corrosion every bit as much as its famous name would suggest. Oxidized metal has a tendency to fall apart. Chances are that you’ve seen plenty of products start to degrade simply because they were exposed to the elements. If this sounds familiar, then this is a great choice not only for recoloring but also for protection. Some people have even utilized this flexible paint to redo entire trailers.

Derusto Fast Dry Paint

Running, dripping, and fading are three words that no painter ever wants to hear. That’s exactly why Derusto’s design teams have taken the time to come up with a product that resists all of these things. Perhaps even more importantly, the paint is designed to dry quickly so you’ll be able to move an object soon after you’re done painting it. That’s great for those who often find themselves doing craft projects or restoration work.

Seymour Marking Paints

Technicians and painters with special use cases will want to look into Seymour marking paints, which have a long lineage in the traffic marking industry. Painting projects that involve marketing can be rather difficult. Imperfect finishing and lines that last long have plagued the industry, which is why they look to Seymour and their line of industrial coatings that solve these issues. If you have to spray paint markings down on the ground, then you’ll want to take a look at this unique product line.

Finding Spray Paint for Your Next Job

At, we’ve made sure to stock plenty of paint so you won’t have to worry about long lead times or struggling to match just the right color. Contact us online today and we’ll help you find exactly the right can of spray paint for even the most complex painting jobs.