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We offer only the finest, 1st quality, factory new Purdy Brushes

Pro-Extra Series Purdy Pro-Extra Series
PRO-EXTRA® the finest paintbrush ever made. The secret to PRO-EXTRA® excellence includes an artful mix of the following three premium filaments, which when blended expertly together provide unmatchable superior performance and handling:
1. TYNEX® nylon for softness and ease of paint flow.
2. CHINEX® for faster cleanup with self-flagging tip.
3. OREL® polyester for consistent stiffness retention.
XL Series Purdy XL Series
Popular PURDY® XL™ Series brushes offer a unique blend of Satin‑Edge nylon (dyed Tynex® nylon) and Orel® polyester filaments. XL™ brushes are highly recommended for both interior and exterior painting projects with all paints. The stiffness retention of XL™ brushes (from the polyester content) makes them especially high-performing for outside painting under hot and humid climate conditions. Only DuPont™ solid, round, tapered (SRT) Tynex® nylon and Orel® polyester filaments are used.
Purdy XL Elite Series
Engineered with the highest quality Dupont solid, round, tapered Chinex and Orel polyester Purdy is proud to introduce a brush that has ultimate performance and versatility. With flagged and tipped filaments, XL Elite brushes perform well with all paints, especially high solid, low VOC paints and heavy-bodied latex coatings which can be difficult to apply smoothly. When the job is complete the premium filaments make clean up quick and easy.
Aviva Series Purdy Aviva Series
For the quality-conscious do-it-yourselfers who want a fine finish, PURDY® AVIVA™ brushes and high quality paint are the very best choice. As with Purdys highly regarded professional tools, AVIVA™ brushes are handcrafted. Using only the finest raw materials, each brush is individually designed, crafted and finished for optimum painting performance. Purdy takes great pride in the excellent quality of their brushes. Constructed especially for the do-it-yourselfer, they make any paint look its very best.
ClearCut Series Purdy ClearCut Series
PURDY's first tipped-only, nylon polyester brush that provides superior cutting-in capability. This unique formulation of DuPont™ solid, round, tapered (SRT), Tynex® nylon and Orel® polyester filaments offers increased stiffness for use in all climates with all paints. The specifically engineered CLEARCUT™ cutting-in capability provides speed and a smooth finish throughout your painting projects. This hand-chiseled, tipped-only series ensures painting perfection for all types of painters and matches the performance you expect from PURDY.®

Purdy Chinex Series
Clearly superior. That’s the benchmark Purdy® sets for new products. In contractor field tests, painters raved about the “cleanability” of the Purdy® brush, which features 100% DuPont™ Chinex® filaments. Many expressed appreciation of the comfortable, flush-ferrule design, a Purdy® exclusive. Like natural bristle, Chinex® is self-flagging for optimal paint coverage. Yet, the filaments are stiff, so the brush holds its shape when applying today’s heavy-bodied paints.

Purdy Nylox Series
For interior use, NYLOX™ is the favorite brush of many professional painters. Its 100% dyed nylon from PURDY®, the first brush company to offer dyed nylon, is still the standard by which all others are measured. Only 100% solid, round, tapered (SRT) Tynex® nylon by DuPont™ is used.® Carefully tipped and flagged by craftspeople, their NYLOX™ filament provides greater abrasion resistance for increased wearability while its famous Satin‑Edge finish provides the excellent painting performance only found in such chiseled, handcrafted painting tools.
Syntox Series

Purdy Syntox Series
SYNTOX™ brushes provide all the benefits of natural Ox-Hair brushes and then some. They are 20% softer than the Ox-Hair Series and offer the added durability of DuPont™ solid, round, tapered synthetic filaments for a superior finish with a longer lasting brush. SYNTOX™ brushes are totally shed resistant and will last at least five times longer than Ox-Hair brushes. Even more importantly, the SYNTOX™ brushes can be used with both water and solvent‑based clear finishes.

Black Nylon Series Purdy Black Nylon Series
The original synthetic brush. Perfectly tipped and flagged in the unique PURDY® handcrafting process, this Black Nylon is formulated with varying degrees of stiffness. These high performance professional brushes are handchiseled and use only the finest DuPont™ solid, round, tapered (SRT) Tynex® nylon. Handcrafted to the famous PURDY® Satin-Edge finish for top performance, Black Nylon brushes are best used with water-based paints.

White China Series

Purdy White China Series
The standard of excellence in bristle. TheWhite China bristle brushes are equal in character and performance to traditional Black China bristle brushes, and excel at applying ultra-smooth finishes with the most challenging coatings. Using only the finest White China bristle available, PURDY® handcraftsmanship begins with thorough cleaning, builds with careful matching and mixing of bristle lengths, then ends with expert assembly to provide tools of unmatched painting performance.

Black China Series Purdy Black China Series
The mainstay of the professional painter. Long recognized for its ability to hold and deliver more
paint than any other material, Black China bristle reaches its ultimate potential in PURDY®handcrafted professional brushes. Only the world’s finest Black China bristle is selected. It is boiled under pressure for absolutely thorough cleaning and bristle straightening. Then varying bristle lengths and stiffnesses are formulated and blended, carefully avoiding reverse bristles which could cause dragging and streaking.
Ox-Hair Series Purdy Ox-Hair Series
Ox-Hair is the softest, most supple natural animal hair used in PURDY® handcrafted brushes. Specially formulated and carefully blended with their softest White China bristle for just the right< amount of resiliency, these extraordinary painting instruments are perfect for ultra-fine enamel and varnish projects where an extremely smooth, exquisite finish is desired. Whether it’s fine artist work, enameling or staining of doors, fine smooth furniture, cabinetry or baseboards, nothing can match the mirror finish provided by these extra soft bristle brushes.
Eco Pro Series

Purdy Eco Pro Series
An environmentally friendly line of brushes, Eco Pro™ utilizes recycled components that are manufactured using the same processes and specification as other Purdy® brushes. The 100% DuPont™ recycled black SRT nylon filament is handcrafted and formulated with varying degrees of stiffness. Each brush gives maximum paint lift capacity, cut-in ability and smooth release for optimum coverage. These brushes are suitable for all paint finishes and low to no VOC paints.

Purdy Roller Covers

Purdy Roller Covers
The same handcrafted standards used in making PURDY® brushes remain consistent in the production of PURDY® rollers and roller covers. Every step is literally a “hands on” process, with careful quality-control inspections at every operation. Using only the highest quality fabrics, their covers are specially blended to the proper density (right percentage of under piling, right percentage of long fibers). This assures the cover will “load” well and release evenly

Purdy Accessories Purdy Accessories
PURDY® accessories are made with the same dedication to quality as their brushes and rollers. From poles to pipe painters, they use only the finest raw materials and the most modern and highest quality processes to bring you the best value in painting accessories. PURDY® professional roller frames use heavy gauge, 5/16" to 3/8" diameter rod. And the exclusive PURDY® 9‑W Hardwood handle gives painters lasting durability along with “all day” comfort.

Purdy Mini Roller Frames & Covers

Purdy Mini Roller Frames & Covers
Jumbo Mini Roller System offers premium Purdy fabrics that pick up and release more paint . It has a patent-pending cageless frame design which offers smooth rolling. Both Jumbo and Wire Mini Rollers have an ergonomic comfort grip handle for reduced fatigue and a universal threaded end for compatibility with all extension poles. Fast and Lightweight. Long Lasting

Purdy Prep Tools

Purdy Prep Tools
Purdy Premium and Contractor prep tools were engineered with input and direction from professional painters and manufactured with the same level of quiality you expect from purdy.
Contractor models feature carbon steel blades, cushion grip and a Lifetime Guarantee. Premium models include the same blades and guarantee with a nail set hammerhead end and a no-slip rubberized grip surface.


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