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The mainstay of the professional painter. Long recognized for its ability to hold and deliver more paint than any other material, Black China bristle reaches its ultimate potential in PURDY®handcrafted professional brushes. Only the world’s finest Black China bristle is selected. It is boiled under pressure for absolutely thorough cleaning and bristle straightening. Then varying bristle lengths and stiffnesse are formulated and blended, carefully avoiding reverse bristles which could cause dragging and streaking.

Each PURDY® Black China bristle brush has its own formulation which has been predetermined by brush use. Varied types of bristle from the many regions of China, coupled with traditional PURDY® hand craftsmanship, produces brushes of rare quality, wearability and performance when applying oil-based paints, varnishes and enamels.
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Purdy Adjutant Black China Purdy Extra Oregon Black China Purdy Sprig - Black China Purdy Swan Black China
Purdy Adjutant Angle Black China Bristle Purdy Sprig - Black China Purdy Swan Black China
Purdy Tango Black China Purdy Elasco Black China
Purdy Tango Black Purdy Elasco Black China