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Proform Brushes

Proform Technologies, Inc is an aggressive manufacturing and marketing company focused on providing customers with competitively priced products incorporating the latest in design, top quality materials and workmanship.
  • Proform Picasso Brushes

    Advantage PBT proprietary filament blend for easy paint application and cleaning. Hardline no drip interior construction design that permanantly marries the handle to the ferrule. This means the ferrule will never become loose! It also eliminates the area where paint, cleaners and water collect, creating a no drip after cleaning benefit
  • Proform Contractor Brushes

    The Proform Contractor paint brush series incorporates high performance
    filaments, bristles, knot and ferrule construction. The original PBT
    brush provides painters the highest quality brush at 1/2 the price PLUS
    releases and cleans with all coatings including oils, stains, enamels,
    varnishes and latex Paints.
  • Proform Stiff Brushes

    Incorporates PBT filaments with added PET for strength and "pop". Great for rough surfaces and paint with high concentrations of pigments and solids. This filament design and construction works in areas of high humidity and temperature, which can make any brush not perform well. Great for either oil or water based medium. Cleans easily.
  • Proform China White Brushes

    With premium, high quality bristle the results are quickly obvious. Hand
    chiseled 90% tops with very smooth texture and extensive processing
    keeps the bristles extremely straight. Couple this with a quality
    closed-pore rubbed wood handle, and reinforced ferrule designed for long
    lasting durability and you have a brush that contractors love.
  • Proform Ergonomic Brushes

    A patented, multi-position, ergonomic handle allows the painter a more natural, comfortable grip. The result is a smoother, more efficient stroke and greatly reduced hand/wrist fatigue for any job.
  • Proform Just Paint PBT Brushes

    The Proform Just Paint Line features high quality PBT solid tapered
    filament in an economy construction.  Designed with lotus wood handle
    and tin ferrule.  For use with all latex and oil products.
  • Proform VOID Paint Brushes

    The Proform VOID Paint Line features a PET (polyester) blend to strengthen and support our PBT filament. It is a 'price conscious' line for painters of any level. The VOID line gets the job done right with precision and afforability.
  • Proform Block Head Brushes

    Natural bristle BLOCK HEAD or all Synthetic (PBT) blended BLOCK HEAD
    brushes. These brushes are designed to deliver large volumes of product
    (paint or stain) and clean up with ease. Each brush provides a removable
    screw-in handle for use with an extension pole and bucket clip.
    Constructed with filament/bristle fully epoxy bound into an extra thick
    1-1/4" stainless steel ferrule.