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Purdy Paint Brushes

Purdy Brushes
Premium professional paint brushes, made in the USA with a tradition of handcrafting brushes, one at a time for over 80 years. Each brush is "signed" with a personalized tag indicating who crafted the brush as truly the "Mark of a Pro".

Corona Paint Brushes Corona Brushes
Professional brushes and rollers are handmade in the USA with the finest raw materials to ensure outstanding performance and reliability that painters have come to expect from Corona painting tools.
Wooster Paint Brushes Wooster Brushes
Maunfacturing innovative, high-performance painting tools out of Wooster, Ohio USA since 1851. If a professional painter wants it, Wooster has it!
Elder & Jenks

Elder & Jenks
With 214 years experience it is safe to say E&J has mastered the art of brush making! Elder & Jenks the nation’s oldest continuously operating brush and roller maker opened its doors in 1793. Making covers, frames, trays, and the finest paint brushes.

ArroWorthy Brushes

ArroWorthy Brushes
Professionally designed quality materials to make the ArroWorthy Brushes second to none. Rust resistant threaded and hardened nails, Stainless Steel Ferrule, Super fine tipping for better paint pick up and smooth paint release, Solvent resistant epoxy for maximum strength, Aluminum insert for extra strength.

Proform Tech Brushes

Proform Tech Brushes
Proform Technologies, Inc is an aggressive manufacturing and marketing company focused on providing customers with competitively priced products incorporating the latest in design, top quality materials and workmanship.

Bestt Liebco Paint Brushes BSTT LIEBCO Brushes
BESTT LIEBCO uses the finest quality materials to provide superb paint piackup and release. Smooth, drag-free application. The perfect blend of stiffness and flex. Crisp cut-in capability. An outstanding finish in less time with less effort.
Consumer Paint Brushes Economy Brushes
When a quality brush is needed at an economical price these brushes are your choice. Built to perform well with all coatings, can be cleaned or just thrown away.
Chip Brushes Chip Brushes
100% White China Bristle with a wooden handle and tin ferrule. Great for production painting or glue, throw away when done.