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Paint Rollers

At The Paint Store, we offer all the necessary products to make the home improvement project of your dreams possible. You will find that our extensive line of tools and equipment will fulfill each and every need to carry out your project in a skillful and professional manner. Explore our Paint Rollers and other equipment needed to finish your painting job efficiently.

  • Roller Frames offers brand name roller frames such as Purdy, Corona, and Wooster, which are top of the line in the industry. Roller frames are offered in countless shapes and sizes so that any need for any project can be met.
  • Paint Roller Trays

    Paint Roller Trays are essential to any decorating project. At we carry a large selection of roller trays. Our products come in a range of shapes and sizes that you can choose from depending on the scale and specifications of your project.
  • Wooster Roller Covers

    Wooster rollers covers are closely monitored for consistent quality. Their professional rollers are manufactured on a 2-ply polypropylene core
    that resists water, solvents, and cracking.
  • Purdy Roller Covers

    The same handcrafted standards used in making PURDY® brushes remains consistent in the production of PURDY® rollers and roller covers.
  • Corona Roller Frames & Sleeves

    Coronas top of the line professional frames, available for standard and jumbo diameter roller covers, are unique in concept and construction. Using the highest quality materials, Corona manufacturer roller sleeves for all types of coatings, surfaces, and conditions.
  • ArroWorthy Rollers

    A full line of quality rollers the professional prefers. Available in both standard sizes and mini rollers.
  • Economy Rollers

    Great for production work when a good quality roller is needed at an economical price.
  • Bestt Liebco Professional Covers

    Fabric is combed, beveled and vacuumed, Then epoxy set on phenolic core to resist matting, shedding and linting. Full-Bodied specially formulated fabric for maximum paint pickup and release. Solvent resistant heavy-duty phenolic core.
  • Whizz

    Whizz Tools mission is to manufacture high quality, precision painting tools and accessories that are designed to cut work time and produce beautiful results more effectively.

Roller Frames

Professional Adjustable Paint Roller Frame

This roller frame is the most practical and convenient option because it is adjustable. You can purchase paint roller covers of different sizes (12”-18”) and this Roller Frame will adapt to it as needed. No matter what kind of painting project you have in mind, this roller frame will meet all your needs.

Shur-Line Premium Roller Frame

Reach walls and ceilings by attaching an extension pole onto this premium roller frame. This roller frame features a hold-tite cage that prevents the paint roller cover from slipping off and an ergonomic design so that the handle fits comfortably in your hand even after long hours of painting. Use this roller frame with a 9-inch roller cover!

Paint Roller Trays

Professional Deep Well Large Plastic Paint Tray

Any paint job requires a Paint Roller tray so that you can put the liquid paint in to roll your paint roller on and off. This tray has a ribbed surface so that you can roll off excess paint from your absorbent paint roller, this way it won’t drip on your wall, hands or floor creating an unnecessary mess.

Gold Stripe Mini-Roller Tray Set 4”

This mini roller is fit for mini paint rollers. The light textured surface permit you to remove surplus paint from your foam roller so that you can paint an even, smooth surface on your walls. It’s easy to clean up and completely reusable plus it comes with a roller cover and frame!

Paint Roller Covers

Purdy Pro-Extra Colossus Roller Cover

This colossus paint roller cover is for heavy-duty paint jobs due to the fact it can hold 25% more paint than your regular paint roller, increasing production and helping you complete your paint job in a timely manner.

You can use this long nap on brick or rough surfaces that have a lot of texture. This Purdy Roller nap is composed of universal threaded polyamide which is very similar to woven polyester. This high-quality roller cover will carry out all your painting jobs smoothly.

Find Paint Rollers At The Paint Store Today!

At, we supply some of the highest quality paint rollers in various paint roller sizes and tools on the market today.

The kind of equipment you use matters. By using a well-manufactured paint roller, you can coat a wall in just a matter of minutes. And a whole room in a few short hours. A poorly designed roller, on the other hand, will eat up your time.

Our roller frames come from the world’s top manufacturers including Wooster, Purdy, and Corona. We offer frames in a wide range of shapes and sizes to help you complete whatever kind of project you are trying to accomplish.

We also offer import and economical frames so that you can always find a quality frame at the right price. You can purchase just one or buy them in bulk!

We have a variety of excellent covers as well. Whether you need a standard size or a mini roller, we’ve got you covered. All our products are made of quality, durable materials that are going to give you the most satisfying application results.

Every good roller needs a good tray to go with it. Browse our large selection from sturdy, plastic trays to our rust-resistant, stainless steel trays.