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PC Epoxy

Paste Epoxies

Paste Epoxy for the HEAVY DUTY, permanent repairs. The paste epoxies give extra working time for large jobs and are the strongest epoxies in the PC-Products family of repair products.


Putty Epoxies

Hand-moldable, quick-setting putty epoxy. Short work time and quick cure time. Your choice for emergency repairs when time is of the essence.


Wood Repair

Wood preservation and restoration products. Prevent and protect new or exsisting wood, harden soft and rotten wood, rebuild and repair missing wood.


Concrete Repair & Anchoring

PC Concrete epoxy gel is an anchoring and concrete repair product. PC Concrete provides engineers and contractors with a choice for specifying and setting adhesive in elevated temperature environments.


Clear Liquid Epoxy

PC-Clear is formulated to remain completely clear during and after its curing time. PC-Clear is very durable and flexible making it unlike many liquid epoxies.

Universal Glue

Universal Glue

PC-Universal Glue is a High performance adhesive with unlimited uses.



The Accessory line includes caulk, dispensing guns and nozzles designed to work with the complete line of PC Epoxy products to make application of your product easier.

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