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Old Masters Stains and Finishes

At The Paint Store, we are committed to supplying you with top of the line painting products so that you can accomplish the paint job you have always envisioned. Old Masters Stains and Finishes are known for their outstanding quality when it comes to quality, manufacturing, and performance.

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Old Masters is known for its wood finishing products for woodworkers and professionals that prioritize attention to the last detail, integrity, and lasting craftsmanship. Old masters stains and finishes are guaranteed to effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your wooden furniture and surfaces.

Their formulas are made with cutting edge technology, designed to aid in the preservation of all your wooden projects in order to maintain its integrity and increase its lifespan. Explore the stains and finishes we have available from Old Masters curated below just for you. For the complete Old Masterís collection click here.

Old Masters Stains

Stains are used to add pigmentation to wood, usually, water-based or dissolved into liquid, the stain penetrates the wood fibers as opposed to painting which rests on the surface. This causes bare wood to gain a beautiful color and highlight the patterns ingrained in the wood.

Not only will stain supplies make your projects look more skillful but they will also last longer. Old Master stains create a protective layer for the external surface of the wood which is resistant to Ultraviolet rays. The Sunís harmful rays can cause the color to fade on wood surfaces which is why it is important to apply stains to make your wooden furniture last. Stains may also act as a protective layer from weather and soiling.

Professional Fast Dry Wood Stain

This potent alkyd stain is ideal for the professional woodworker who wants to work in a timely fashion due to the fast dry feature this stain possesses. The stain has a heavy consistency which allows you to easily apply it onto all your wood surfaces. The wood grain absorbs the stain in-depth and in a quick manner. You can accomplish a rich, consistent color in just one coat. You may use this stain on all exterior surfaces composed of wood such as cabinets, doors, floors and wooden furniture in general.

Deep Red Penetrating Stain

The beauty of wood is that it is absorbent and will assimilate any color you apply to it. This exterior coating is a rich, intense red. Wood surfaces are extremely durable if you feel that your wooden chair, cabinet or door is looking old, you can completely freshen it up by sanding it and then applying exterior clear finishes, or if you want to go for something edgy, apply this deep red penetrating stain.

Gel Stain

This high caliber stain is oil-based and accomplishes intense colors on wood, fiberglass, metal and composition surfaces. It is composed out of a formula that permits easy application, and optimum color control so you can accomplish an even and deep color onto any surface with just one coat.

Old Masters Finishes

With Old Masters Finishes you can restore any kind of furniture that is composed out of wooden material. Surface preparation is important before applying semi-gloss, marine varnish, or mineral spirits. To avoid cracking and peeling you must sand your wooden surfaces well and then apply Old Masters Finishes for a professional look and feel. Try our Old Masters Oil-Based Sanding Sealer which acts as a base coat to seal and protect wooden surface after sanding.

Ascend Exterior Water-Based Clear Finish

A finish is essential for any woodwork. This water-based finish is clear in color to further accentuate the natural color wood exudes. It has ultraviolet absorbers so that your wood, fiberglass, coated metal or painted surfaces are protected by the powerful rays of the sun. it features a quick-dry solution and you can easily clean it with soap and water.

You may use this on exterior surfaces such as railings, outdoor furniture, above waterline marine surfaces, wooden doors, windowsills, and door frames. We do not recommend using this clear finish on wooden decks, steps, fences, log homes or anything below the waterline surface.

Masters Armor

Apply this clear finish to provide your wooden surfaces with a beautiful semi-glossy coat. Old Masters Armor finish enhances the refined look of natural wood by providing clarity plus this finish is easy to apply, dries quickly and elongates the lifespan of your wooden furniture.

By applying this Masters Armor finish your wood surfaces will be protected from humidity, therefore, avoiding the risk of the wood widening, creating mold or cracking. You will also protect your wooden cabinets, floors or furniture from scratches, dirt and wear & tear.

Get Your Old Masters Varnish At The Paint Store! is here to supply all of the products you may need for a quality painting job. We set out to provide you with the best stains and finishes on the market, which is why we offer Old Masters.

Stains and finishes are essential for making woodwork look rich and beautiful but best of all, your woodwork will be protected from external damage. Old Masters carry interior finishing and refinishing products for wood such as varnishes, polyurethanes, and stains.

Buy Old Masters Stains and Finishes Today!

You can find any wood finishing product you need with the wide variety offered by Old Masters. This brand provides many options for the novice or expert wood finisher.

Some of our most popular Old Masters products include their penetrating stain, professional fast dry wood stain, and putty stick. These products are affordable and easy to order so you can start on your new project as soon as possible.

Old Masters is a great brand for woodworkers of all skill levels. Their products work well on all types of wood for a variety of different projects and are made to provide high-quality results through the easy and straight-forward application!

If you have any questions or comments, visit our contact page, there you will find extensive results and answers to multiple questions along with contact information in the case our answers donít meet your needs.