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Mad Dog Smooth High Build Primer MDS

Mad Dog Smooth High Build Primer MDS
Mad Dog Smooth High Build Primer MDS

Mad Dog Smooth is a high build exterior primer designed to stabilize, fill and smooth uneven surfaces such as peeling paint, cracking stucco, Non-ferrous metals, wood, and concrete surfaces, etc.

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MDPSM-G Mad Dog Smooth High Build Primer Gallon MDS
MDPSM-GBOX Mad Dog Smooth High Build Primer Gallon MDS - (Box of 4)
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MDPSM-Q Mad Dog Smooth High Build Primer Quart MDS
MDPSM-QBOX Mad Dog Smooth High Build Primer Quart MDS - (Box of 6)
Save by the box: $24.54 ea
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Extended Information:
Use product to stabilize problem areas such as: siding, fascia, T1-11, hard board, hairline cracks in stucco, and galvanized metal.
Approximately 100 - 150 SF Gallon depending on the porosity of surface and thickness product is applied.
Surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, wax, wallpaper adhesive and other
contaminants that could interfere with proper adhesion. Remove excess chalky material.
Remove all surface contamination by washing with an appropriate cleaner, rinse thoroughly and allow
to dry. Scrape and sand peeled or checked paint to a sound surface. Sand glossy surfaces dull. Seal
stains from water, smoke, ink, pencil, grease, etc. with fast drying primer.
Always wash surface with an appropriate cleaning solution, or solvent. Remove as much as possible
of any unsoundly adhered coatings. Sand any remaining paint film edges to desired smoothness.
Sanding can be done to a desired smoothness before applying primer. Primer is not sandable after
applied. Bare wood exposed for more than 4 weeks should be lightly sanded or abraded to remove weathered
wood fibers down to a pink color.
Mold:  Remove mold and mildew before painting with a solution quality biocidal/ mildewcide wash.
Rinse well. Always wear protective clothing and goggles to prevent eye and skin contact with
bleach. Do not mix ammonia or any other chemical with bleach solution.
Application Conditions:
Apply when air and surface temperature is between 50 and 90 F (10 and 32 C) and
relative humidity is less than 80%. Substrate moisture content should be approximately 15%.
Never apply SMOOTH if weather conditions will not permit drying before rain, dew or
freezing. Do not apply in direct sunlight or on surfaces with a temp of 90 F / 32 C or higher.
Cool temperatures and/or high humidity can retard drying and curing.
Allow product to dry overnight in these conditions. SMOOTH normally cures within 7-14 days.
Rainy Weather:  If  SMOOTH does get wet, allow MPD to dry, inspect affected areas, touch up and
repair / reprime as needed,Then continue painting.
Topcoat Paints:
SMOOTH’s secret of success is its glue like grip and flexible  strength. As SMOOTH remains flexible,
use only (Top shelf) high quality 100% acrylic (flexible) exterior latex paints and
solid latex stains. Some flat paints will claim 100% Acrylic, but, the resins within the paint are quite
brittle and can cause a crazing and crackling effect after a few days. If glossy paints are desired, the
1st coat over SMOOTH must be a satin/semi-gloss followed by the glossy paint. This will result in
a true glossy finish. Test products you have not used over Mad Dog to confirm compatibility. Topcoat
within 5 days. If it rains and you exceed the top coat within 5 days rule, allow the surfaces to fully
dry, check and touch up damaged areas, and continue painting.
Prepare substrate, apply SMOOTH and top coat for desired performance on small area
several days before proceeding with entire project to be assured of desired effect desired.
Flashing and Sheen Variation Concerns:
Spot painting is recommended over the primed area before apply the first coat of paint to avoid flashing.
This is especially true of areas which are mainly spot primed; we recommend priming entire
surfaces to reduce this common problem. Test for desired results and let dry overnight before
proceeding with the entire project.
Cold Weather Application Tips:
During cold weather conditions with sudden temperature drops or with temperatures hovering between
40-55F degrees, apply SMOOTH in the morning and let it dry during the
day. Wait until next morning to apply top coat. Always stop work well before the end of
the work day to allow all products to set up before nightfall and temperature drops.
Stabilizing Stucco and concrete cracks:
SMOOTH is ideal for stabilizing hairline cracks. After preparing surface brush or roll SMOOTH into
the crack or unstable area. Allow area to dry overnight. Be careful not to apply SMOOTH or
topcoat on too heavily on rougher surfaces as it could crackle / mud crack during the drying
Hard to penetrate surfaces:
To assist penetration of primer into hard finishes such as southern yellow pine, oak, concrete, stucco
and plaster that consistently peels, SMOOTH many be thinned slightly with 1-2 OZ. Per quart . Let area dry and
apply a second coat of full strength SMOOTH.
Application Methods – Shake or stir before using. Do not thin under normal circumstances. Apply
with brush and/or roller or airless sprayer. Back brush or roll to work product into cracks and edges
of old paint and also into new and unpainted surfaces.
Airless Sprayer – Use .015”–.017” tip @1800–2200 PSI.  Product can also be splattered on
the surface with minimal overspray and product lose by reducing the pressure of your airless
sprayer. Back roll / brush SMOOTH into all surfaces.
Product may be tinted up to 4 oz. per gallon of universal colorant. Use 1/2 quart formula
per gal tinting formula. Backfill with white when appropriate. Because SMOOTH is a clear base it
will not tint opaque; it will be a more transparent look.
DRY TIMES: Dry time is normally 1 hour to the touch and recoat in 2 hours. Product applies milky
white and dries a clear green.
CLEAN UP: clean up with soap and water after use. Clean spills and spatters immediately with
soap and water.
Disposal– Dispose of unused or unwanted product in accordance with local laws regulating
water-based coatings.
Product Storage:  Store between 40F–90F. Keep from freezing or excessive heat.

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