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Krylon Metallics Krylon COVERMAXX
COVERMAXX Provides 10X More rust protection than the leading competitive paint, in a variety of sheens and finishes. Its durable adhesion makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.
Krylon Craft & Décor Krylon SUPERMAXX
SUPERMAXX is best-in-class premium spray paint requiring No sanding and no priming. Ultimate adhesion on hard-to-adhere surfaces like laminate, melamine and Plexiglas, as well as on plastic, metal, and bare wood. 
Krylon Fusion for Plastic Krylon Fusion for Plastic
Fusion paint bonds easily to most plastics, pvc, resin and more without any sanding or priming.
Krylon Paint + Primer Krylon Dual Paint + Primer
Dual formula requires no sanding and is designed to adhere to metal, wood, plastic, laminate and hard-to-adhere surfaces. Primes the surface for adhesion, durability and coverage.
Krylon Rust Tough Krylon Rust
Rust paints are directly applied to metal surfaces to stop and prevent rust. Rust Protector & Rust Tough
Krylon Professional Contractor Krylon Professional Contractor
Professional paints support a complete line of job-specific products specially formulated for the contractor.
Krylon Special Purpose Krylon Special Purpose
Special Purpose aerosol and brush-on paints perform a specific function for special surfaces.
Krylon Spray Stain Krylon Spray Stain
Spray Stain is an exterior wood stain in a convenient spray can. As durable as it is beautiful, it goes on smooth to leave a flawless finish that will hold up to the toughest conditions.
Krylon Artist & Clear Coatings Krylon Artist & Clear Coatings
Artist & Clear Coatings provide the highest quality protection to all of your projects.
Krylon Craft & Décor Krylon Craft & Décor
Craft & Décor paints provide a variety of colors and textures for any surface.
Krylon Multi-Purpose Krylon Colormaster Multi-Purpose
Multi-Purpose aerosol and brush-on paints can be used indoors and out on a variety of surfaces.
Krylon and ThePaintStore.com continue to be industry leaders providing high-quality products, innovation, and inspiration through color, packaging design and project ideas. With hundreds of colors to choose from, Krylon offers Multi-Purpose Paint, Fusion Spray Paint for Plastic, Metallic Spray Paint, and Camouflage Sprays.