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Sometimes, your project may require more than paint and brushes. has a line of Elmerís Glue products to fuel your creativity.

These products provide creative adhesive solutions for all types of work. With these items at your side, youíll notice improved product durability. Feel free to use these safe glues that work on most materials.

Our Elmerís all-purpose glue is perfect for any project. If you need to stick pieces to a childís craft board or add the finishing touches to your art piece, our all-purpose glue will complete the job.

If you need something more heavy-duty, browse our complete selection of Elmerís items. We have wood fillers, adhesives, and lubricants for home repair work. Itís a great idea to have these supplies on hand, as they can be used in kitchens, workshops, and garages.

Elmerís home-repair items work well with soft and hardwood floors, porous materials, and particle-boards. They make sanding easier and eliminate shrinking. Why invest in new flooring? You can give new life to your current floors and wood products with these home repair glues.

Foster creativity with ThePaintStore.comís comprehensive collection of Elmerís products!