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Electrical Connectors

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Page of 1 supplies you with the best electrical connectors for your home. These devices work great for automotive jobs as well as general use.

This type of connector creates a circuit by joining electrical terminations. These devices are necessary for all types of work. DIYers use them to rewire buildings and set up temporary power supplies.

For some jobs, you may need a specific connector. We carry a range of them, so you can be prepared to complete various projects. Their insulating properties and flame-retardant materials prevent heat distortion. We have both twist-on and screw-on connectors available, depending on your preference. Both types are easy to secure, as the twist-on connectors have a wing design that offers a firm grip.

We sell our connectors in packs of 6 or 25 so you can save. If you want to save even more, you can buy these packs in boxes of 10.

We also carry various brands of electrical tape. This kind of tape insulates any material that conducts electricity. It works well in most environments and on irregular surfaces. Itís resistant to water and other contaminants, and its elastic backing and strong adhesive make this product last for the long-term. only supplies the highest quality electrical tape and connectors. Check out our stock down below!