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Electrical Boxes

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Page of 1 carries a line of electrical boxes and box covers. We provide our clients with the finest Hubbell products available.

Our work units house wiring devices like receptacles and switches. If you have multiple devices that need to be accommodated for, you don’t need to make multiple purchases. We have products with either single or multiple device mounting.

We have boxes of various depths and sizes, all of which serve different purposes. For example, our round fan product is perfect for installing wall lighting fixtures.

Electrical covers are necessary for additional safety. They’re easy to mount to any box. No additional support mechanisms should be needed; they come with mounting brackets, recessed nailing spurs, and gauging tabs when appropriate. Most have screw heads to further ensure a simple set-up process.

Our covers are designed to protect against corrosion. Some covers match the contours of your handy box for aesthetic appeal. Others have extra-large plates to provide more protection.

Our wide range of electrical boxes and covers blend into your home. They don’t stick out and won’t wear down. Most importantly, they’ll supply energy, protect your property, and guarantee your personal safety. only carries these products that meet the highest industry standards. Shop our selection of electrical boxes down below for the best deal!