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Elder and Jenks

With 214 years experience it is safe to say E&J has mastered the art of brush making! Elder & Jenks the nationís oldest continuously operating brush and roller maker opened its doors in 1793. Making covers, frames, trays, and the finest paint brushes.
  • Generation X

    The Generation X Brushes are a professional grade with a stainless steel ferrule and sealed birch handle. 100% Chinex Bristle is a firmer filament, that is great for Ceramic & Waterborne paints. Used on walls and trim. Designed to hold more paint and allow for better release of paint. Cleans out quickly.
  • Generation Y

    The Generation Y Brushes are a professional grade with a stainless steel ferrule and sealed birch handle. Nylon & polyester bristle provide a softer filament for fine finishes. Used on walls and trim. The flexible bristles provide better control. Treated filament for easy clean up.
  • Shipmate

    The Shipmate China Bristle Varnish Brushes are a consumer grade with a brass plated ferrule with rounded corners and a clear lacquered hardwood pencil handle with a gold tip. 100% Natural White China Bristles provide a smooth, even finish. Used on walls and trim with stains and polyurethane.
  • i Brush Series

    The iBrush series is the perfect brush for the PRO or DIY'er. It features a synthetic blend with a stainless steel ferrule that is designed with rounded corners. It is designed for both latex and water-based paints and cleans up quickly and easily.
Elder and Jenks is a brand with a great reputation. They boast over 200 years of brush making experience, making them the nationís oldest brush and roller maker. When you buy an Elder and Jenks product, you know youíre receiving an item of superior quality that will last you a long time.

From this brand, we carry items from their Generation X, Generation Y, Shipmate, and I Brush series. These brushes are made from the finest materials including birch, stainless steel ferrule, and lacquered hardwood. The flexible bristles make for optimal control.

These brushes all operate differently; some are ideal for rounded corners and other are meant primarily for walls and trims. Explore the product pages to discover more about the suggested use of the item you are considering. You can also read user reviews or see photos. As always, we offer bulk pricing if you are interested in buying several boxes of a product.

Youíre welcome to reach out to if you have any questions about Elder and Jenks products. Browse our selection today to find the right painting equipment for your project. Weíre sure that youíll find exactly what youíre looking for at an affordable price.