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The Elder & Jenks iBrush series is the perfect brush for the PRO or DIY'er.  It features a synthetic blend with a stainless steel ferrule that is designed with rounded corners.  It is designed for both latex and water-based paints and cleans up quickly and easily.
Treat yourself to some tools that will complement your painting skills. has a selection of brushes in the Elder & Jenks series that will help you complete any painting job.

These tools are perfect for novices and professionals alike. Even if you're not experienced in painting, a product from this collection can help you get started.

Not every painting job is the same. Some large-scale projects may require a flat brush for equal distribution. If you're looking to work around trim, we have brushes with tapered edges to help you achieve a cleaner final product.

The synthetic-blend bristles are easy to clean.

Unsure of the type of paint you'll be using? Elder & Jenks products work well with both water-based and oil-based paints.

The tools in this series come with either a hardwood or rubber handle, depending on your preference. Either way, you'll have a secure grip for each task you take on. The stainless steel ferrules provide you with additional stability and durability.

Check out our collection of Elder & Jenks iBrushes. Here, you'll find everything you need to fulfill your DIY or professional needs.