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Door Bolts, Locks & Guards

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Page of 1 not only carries the paint supplies you need—we are sure to carry any tool you require for a DIY project.
We have a wide selection of hardware, including door bolts, locks, and guards. We sell both brass and zinc accessories to match any part of your home. We’re also sure to stock the best brands, like Kwikset, Stanley, and Ultra Hardware.
You can be sure your bolts, locks, and guards will be sturdy enough to protect your home. Barrel bolts, privacy locks, and chain door guards are all great ways to make you feel safer. And with, you can do it for a low price.
If you don’t know what kind of hardware you need for your next project, don’t fret. has detailed descriptions of each item on the site. You can check out our expert instructions on how to install your door bolts, locks, and guards today.
We strive to provide everything you need for your next home project. Whether you need to replace a doorknob or paint an entire room, we are here to give you what you need for the best price.