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DAP Latex Glazing 12108

DAP Latex Glazing 12108
Latex Glazing

Smooth, easy-working compound for glazing wood, metal, and aluminum sash. Resists cracking, sagging, and chalking. Gun grade.

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Extended Information:
Surface Preparation, Application & Optional Painting:

Surface Preparation
1. When re-glazing, remove from sash all old glazing compound, any glazier points and/or spring
clips, glass, and any back bedding. Glass should be free from any residual glazing compound and
back bedding prior to reinstallation.
2. All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of frost or any substance that would compromise
adhesion of the glazing material (e.g., wax, oil, grease, rust inhibitors, silicone residue, etc.). Cut
nozzle at 45° angle to desired bead size.
3. For metal windows: sash corners must be sealed. All sashes must be safely installed and
adjusted prior to glazing and sufficiently rigid to permit normal operation without excessive
bending or flexing. Adjustment of freshly glazed sash will disrupt the adhesive bond of the
glazing material to the glass and sash.
4. For wood sash applications, prime sash with an oil-based primer only and allow primer to dry.

Product Application
NOTE: Do not apply DAP Latex Window Glazing when air or sash temperatures are below 40°F or
above 90°F. Do not apply during damp or rainy weather or if rain is forecasted within 24 hours of
1. Do not add any type of oil, pigment, thinners, solvents or additives to the glazing compound.
2. DAP®Latex Window Glazing must be applied to backstop of sash to provide back bedding
where glass is to be set. Minimum thickness of back bedding is 1/8” throughout. Only DAP
Latex Window Glazing may be used for back bedding. There should be no metal frame-to-glass
or wood frame-to-glass contact.
3. For back bedding of metal sash, use spacer shims at quarter points to maintain 1/8" minimum
bedding thickness throughout.
4. Press glass firmly into place. If glass size is over 24" in horizontal dimension, use setting blocks
at quarter points on bottom rail. For clear glass, maintain 1/4" minimum contact area between
glass and compound throughout. For heat absorbing glass, 3/8" minimum contact area is required
5. Install glazier’s points (wood window frames) or spring clips (metal window frames) at quarter
points of windowpane to hold glass. Space points/clips no more than 18" apart for exterior
glazed sash. For interior glazed sash, space them no more than 12" apart. Points/clips are
necessary to hold the glass in place. The glazing compound should not be expected to perform
this function.
6. Press only DAP Latex Window glazing onto sash filling height and width of L-shaped recess
7. Using the special angled nozzle on the cartridge, smooth glazing to an angle that sheds water.
There should be no gaps, spaces or indentations. Then shape corners to a rounded finish only.
Thickly glazed sections may require tooling with an appropriate knife
8. Remove excess glazing with a damp cloth before it sets.
9. If excess glazing needs to be removed after setting, such material must be cut, scraped away or
otherwise mechanically removed.

Optional Product Painting
1. DAP Latex Window Glazing does not require painting. However, if painting is desired, the
glazing may be painted only after it has completely dried.
2. When painting, use only (i) latex paint after 3 days or (ii) a high quality exterior grade oil-based
paint after 1 week. The paint line must overlap onto the face portion of the glass, as well as the
bedding area where the sash and glass meet. For thickly glazed sections, more time should be
allowed for complete curing. Due to the excellent weatherability of the product, painting can be
NOTE: The glazing compound may still feel soft after 3 days to 7 days. Accordingly, sash should be
operated carefully for approximately three weeks on the average. Glazing may still be damaged if sash
is handled carelessly. Full adhesion will develop with in one to two months, depending on job conditions.

Clean Up & Storage:
Clean tools immediately after use with warm water. Dry material must be cut or scraped away. Be sure
cartridge is closed and tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dry place.

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