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Cable, Speaker Wire & Connectors

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At, we only provide top quality painting materials at an affordable price.
But we don’t stop at painting supplies either! We offer a vast array of equipment for repairing and refinishing.  

Proper equipment of excellent quality is essential for anyone, from the professional to the do-it-yourself home fixer upper. A great product for small and tricky repairs is Silicone Tape. If you’re looking to repair plumbing, sealing, insulation, damaged electrical wires, or parts on a vehicle, Pro Seal E-Z Fuse Silicone Tape is the perfect piece of equipment.

This tape is designed to stick to itself, so it does not leave any residue when it is removed. This is excellent for items that would be damaged by sticky residue. The bond is waterproof, insulating, permanent, airtight, non-conductive, weather resistant, resists UV rays, and also resists saltwater. It can seal leaks and insulate up to 8,000 volts. Because it is flexible, it can be used to wrap around asymmetrical shapes. is committed to giving you the tools you need to complete any project. We’re confident you’ll with the Pro Seal E-Z Fuse tape that you’ll be able to patch up any job.