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At, we strive to offer quality products for a variety of painting and repair needs.

A cracked table, hole in the wall, or chipped floorboard can ruin your house’s aesthetic. The proper repair equipment is essential for keeping your house in tip-top shape, and the quality of our products can make all the difference.

On our site, you’ll find several different products to aid you in repairing small dents, holes, cracks, leaks, etc. Bondo is one of our trusted brands for repairs.

Bondo’s variety of products includes:

Cream hardener can be used for filling in nail holes in the wall previously left by old decorations.
Wood filler is an amazing product for restoring old wood fixtures—once it dries, it can be worked over just like the wood it replaced!
Lightweight body filler
All-purpose putty and glazing and spot putty are best used for sealing cracks and holes where water can seep through.
Fiberglass resin can be used to fill and repair large holes and cracks such as in boats or pools.

Each product contains a brief description with specifications, so you know exactly what you’re going to get. With Bondo products, you’ll patch anything up with ease. Browse our selection today.