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DAP 10.3 Oz Beats the Nail All Purpose Construction Adhesive 25098

DAP 10.3 Oz Beats the Nail All Purpose Construction Adhesive 25098
DAP 10.3 Oz Beats the Nail All Purpose Construction Adhesive 25098

DAP BEATS THE NAIL All-Purpose Construction Adhesive is a high strength, weatherproof adhesive ideal for bonding a wide variety of building materials. The quick-grab formula provides a heat and water resistant bond with fewer nails or fasteners required. It reduces squeaks, nail pops and splitting.

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25098-BOX-FH DAP 10.3 Oz Beats the Nail All Purpose Construction Adhesive 25098 - (Box of 24)
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Extended Information:
Surface Preparation & Application:
1. Surfaces must be clean, structurally sound and free of foreign material.
2. Pre-cut and fit materials before applying adhesive.
3. Trim nozzle to desired bead size. 1/4” recommended for most applications.
4. Puncture inner foil seal.
5. Load cartridge into caulking gun.
6. Apply a continuous bead to surface (see specific Application Tips below).
7. Within 10 minutes, position and press substrates firmly into place.
8. Certain applications may require mechanical fasteners.
9. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Application Tips:

Installing Paneling to Studs or Furring Strips:
Condition panels within room where they will be installed for 24 to 48 hours as required by manufacturer. Apply a continuous 1/4” zigzag bead along stud or furring strip. Position each panel so edges meet at the center of the stud or furring strip and abut against the preceding panel. Avoid a tight fit by allowing 1/8” space at top and bottom and a “dime” thickness between panels for expansion.
Firmly and evenly press panel into position. Secure each panel with a small finishing nail in each corner.
Using a hammer and a block of wood wrapped with a clot h, tap firmly over the bonded panel surface to ensure good adhesion. Repeat once within an hour of installation.

Foamboard Insulation:

To Wood or Metal Studs: Apply a continuous 1/4” zigzag bead to length of studs or furring strips. Firmly and evenly press panel onto studs or furring strips. Use nails or screws to secure top and bottom.

To Concrete or Masonry Walls: When applying to new concrete or masonry walls, allow walls to thoroughly cure for a minimum of 28 days. Three inches in from each edge of foam panel, apply
a continuous 1/4” bead of adhesive. Also apply 1/4” continuous bead of adhesive down the middle of the foam panel. Firmly and evenly press foam insulation panel onto concrete or masonry wall.

Press foamboard into adhesive and pull back to allow the solvent to flash for 1-2 minutes. Repress foam board onto wall. Air and substrate temperatures should not exceed 90°F.


Walls Over Studs:
Apply a continuous 3/8” bead of adhesive star ting 4” to 6” down from top of stud or furring
strip, stopping 4” to 6” from bottom. Position wallboard and press firmly in place within 30 minutes. Use
fasteners in accordance with local building standards. Use fasteners around perimeter 16” on center, 3/8” in from edge. Where gypsum panels meet over a supporting member, apply 2 parallel 1/4” beads of adhesive near edge of each member

Follow directions above for wall installation and use fasteners 24” on center in the field of the board
per framing member.

Laminating Gypsum Board:
When laminating gypsum wallboard and vinyl faced gypsum wallboard to gypsum
wallboard, apply parallel beads of adhesive 12” to 16” on center. Follow wall instructions for nailing schedule. When laminating gypsum wallboard and vinyl faced gypsum wallboard to concrete
or block walls, apply parallel 3/8” beads of adhesive to gypsum wallboard 12” on center. Position and use permanent mechanical fasteners 16” on the center perimeter and at least one within field of board.

Bonded Strength: 500+ psi
Open Time: 10 Minutes
Freeze/Thaw Stability: 5 cycles
Coverage: 28 fl. oz. cartridge: 1/4” bead covers 86 linear feet. 3/8” bead covers 38 linear feet.
                 10.3 fl. oz. cartridge: 1/4” bead covers 32 linear feet. 3/8” bead covers 14 linear feet.
Shelf Life: 1 Year

Clean Up & Storage:
Use mineral spirits to clean up excess wet adhesive from surface and tools, following solvent manufacturer’s precautions. Cured adhesive must be cut or scraped
away. Product has a 12 month shelf life when tightly
closed and stored in a cool, dry place. Follow original directions for reuse.

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