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ArroWorthy Brushes

Professionally designed quality materials to make the ArroWorthy Brushes second to none. Rust resistant threaded and hardened nails, Stainless Steel Ferrule, Super fine tipping for better paint pick up and smooth paint release, Solvent resistant epoxy for maximum strength, Aluminum insert for extra strength.
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Painters of all levels seek out brushes at to meet their needs for every project. For those looking for a professional result every time, ArroWorthy brushes are a top choice. offers ArroWorthy brushes for the serious painter. ArroWorthy’s professional design and high-quality materials make these stand out from other competitors in the very best way.

We value each customer, and we know that professional painters need a brush that they’ll be able to utilize project after project with the same great results. With these brushes, we’re confident that a serious painter will be impressed.

Arroworthy’s brushes are made from rust-resistant and solvent-resistant materials that can withstand the test of time. Their fine tips pick up more paint and release it smoothly for a truly professional finish. Choose from angled brushes with two different handle sizes for the right fit.